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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Viral Photo showing men pointing firearms at a vehicle along Edsa

A photograph demonstrating men pointing firearms at a vehicle along EDSA has circulated around the web, however points of interest of the occurrence have yet to surface.

The young lady who took the photograph said it happened along EDSA around "2:45 pm, meters away from Shell San Juan going to Ortigas" on Monday.

“I thought it was just traffic and I went a little bit out…I wasn’t sure what was happening but I went on ahead,” the girl said in a phone interview with Yahoo Philippines. She noted that all other vehicles just passed by, probably out of fear of being involved.

She could take a preview yet instantly left the scene also, out of alarm.

"I’m honestly not sure what happened. But I know there are guns and they cornered one car,” she said. She added there was also a man riding a motorcycle.

“I’m too scared to look,” she said.

The Philippine National Police have yet to issue an announcement on the incident but a call to the Mandaluyong Police station, which has jurisdiction on the location of the incident uncovered that policemen have been sent to the site.

Mandaluyong Traffic Operations Center (TOC) conceded getting the incident report yet did not discover anything at the site.

Another netizen asserted she likewise saw the occurrence and guaranteed of a shoot out and that the men "took the passengers in the Fortuner."

A high-ranking official of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said he hasn't receive any details yet regarding the incident.

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